• Mathematics COE
    The Mathematics COE is a state-approved graduation alternative to the state high school Exit Exam EOC mathematics assessment. The COE is one way a student can meet the requirements for graduation and earn the Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA). In specific instances, it may also be used by students receiving special education services to earn a Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA).

    Skills and claims assessed on the Exit Exam EOC Year 1 mathematics assessment are the same skills and claims assessed by the Mathematics COE. The Mathematics COE is a state assessment consisting of a set of work samples (tasks) that represent what a student knows and can do with respect to the mathematics standards and claims for Year 1 mathematics. Each task consists of five word problems set in a context. The COE, like the EOC, is administered under the direction and supervision of an education professional. The Mathematics Collection of Evidence (COE) was released for its first year of operation on September 15, 2015.

    There is a Mathematics COE Moodle available for educators. Here you will find information and resources that will support instruction. Included on the Moodle are: OSPI instructional math tasks aligned with the new Mathematics COE and Exit Exam EOC Year 1 mathematics learning standards for teacher use, rubrics and exemplars for those tasks, and a mathematics COE forum for networking with other educators across the state in regards to COE mathematics. Please use this site as a place to collaborate to support each other in this work. For further information on the COE Mathematics Moodle, please see: Mathematics Moodle at OSPI.

    Educators are expected to read the Mathematics COE Guidelines and Policies, sign the paperwork, and view the appropriate webinars before enrolling students in, or using, the Mathematics COE.

    For more information on the Mathematics COE, please email coe@k12.wa.us .