• District Coordinators (DC), previously District Assessment Coordinators (DAC) play a key role in the implementation of the Collection of Evidence. All communications from OSPI and the scoring contractor, ESD 113, are routed through the DC. The DC is ultimately responsible for checking eligibility and sufficiency of COE collections, and also coordinates the COE submissions between schools in his or her district.

    We have developed COE implementation trainings for District Coordinators and teachers. The DC training provides a broad view of COE roles and responsibilities. The teacher training is focused on guidelines, policies and test security. It is expected that all teachers participate in COE training prior to working with students on COE development.

    There is a student video for each content area. Students are expected to watch the COE Student Video and sign the COE Student Agreement Form prior to working in the eCOE system. DC, teacher and student training information can be found at: https://www.coe.k12.wa.us/domain/14

    This section of the COE website offers help and support for the DC. If you have suggestions for additions to the website, please email ESD 113 at coe@esd113.org or OSPI at coe@k12.wa.us.