• The Collection of Evidence (COE) is a state-approved alternative assessment.

    The COE is a set of work samples prepared by the student using state-developed reading, writing, mathematics, and biology tasks. Teachers provide instruction on the skills within the tasks, but students must complete the work entirely on their own. When a student earns a passing score on the COE, he or she has satisfied the assessment requirement for a specific content area. Passing the content area assessment is one of several graduation requirements that leads to earning a Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA)* and graduating from high school. The COE is one of several state-approved alternatives high school students can use to fulfill assessment graduation requirements. Students must meet eligibility criteria to access the COE.

    The Biology COE will continue to be available in its current format for eligible students in the graduation cohort of 2017 or later. Biology COE submissions for the 2016-2017 school year can be submitted during January 2017 and also in May/June 2017. Students in the cohort of 2017 are required to meet standard in Biology.

    Eligibility to submit a COE requires a student to have taken the large-scale content area assessment one time and not meet standard before becoming eligible to submit a collection. See the COE Guidelines for 2016-2017 policies.

    Collections must meet eligibility and sufficiency requirements to qualify for scoring. For eligibility requirements students should talk to their teacher and/or counselor.

    COE scores required to meet standard for the ELA, Mathematics and Biology COE :

     COE Scores  Points Possible Meet Standard   Basic**
    ELA 68 24 TBD 
    Mathematics 40 14  TBD
    Biology 56  41  30
    * Specific to students receiving special education services, the IEP team can determine use of a lower score for fulfilling the requirements of the Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA); a “Basic” score constitutes this lower score for the CIA.
    ** The minimum score that can be attained to apply the “Basic” score for the CIA.

    For the 2016-2017 school year, the submission deadlines are:

     Submission Date
     Who may submit  Scores on WAMS
     January 25, 2017  Eligible students from the class of 2017 and before  ELA – March 10, 2017
     Math – March 31, 2017
     Biology – April 14, 2017
     June 7, 2017   All students who meet the eligibility requirements  All contents – August 25, 2017

    For information about other CAA Options: http://www.k12.wa.us/assessment/GraduationAlternatives/default.aspx