• For questions regarding website content or eCOE functionality:
    Contact ESD 113 at: coe@esd113.org or 360-464-6708
    For questions regarding COE guidelines, content, or requirements:
    This website has been built as a functional resource for COE personnel. Please consult the relevant COE website pages, as well as utilize the search function at the top right corner of the page, prior to reaching out for additional assistance.
    For guidance on COE eligibility:
    Contact the building or district staff who assist students with graduation matters (i.e. school counselor, building principal, District Coordinator).
    For guidance on COE policy and procedures:
    Contact your District Coordinator. District Coordinators serve as the schools’ primary points of contact for assessment and COE-related information and inquiries. They are the designated district-level personnel who communicate with OSPI regarding assessment and COE issues** For a list of District Coordinators, click HERE.

    **Should none of these methods yield the information required, DC’s may refer teachers or counselors directly to OSPI COE staff at: coe@k12.wa.us or 360-725-6223